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This unforgettable bird watching tour consists of 3 full days in and around Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, the best area for birding in the entire Dominican Republic. We begin from Santo Domingo with a visit to our National Botanical Gardens, where a wide variety of native and endemic bird species are easily found. Then we  drive out to the Bahoruco Mountains in the Southwest where, for the next 3 days, we will be visiting top endemic birding sites such as Zapoten Cloudforest, Villa Barrancoli Birding Lodge, Rabo de Gato Nature Trail, and Loma Charco Azul Biological Preserve. All of which are  recommended destinations mentioned in the “Caribbean Birding Trail” website.

This region is the only place on the island where you can possibly see or photograph, 30 of our 31 endemic bird species, which will be the main focus of our tour. In the area you will explore a wide variety of ecosystems, including dry forest, cloud forest, rainforest, and pine forest. These all being part of the amazing ecology found in the Dominican Republic, one of the most bio-diverse islands in the world.

Package: “Endemics Birding Package” (Southwestern Region of the Dominican Republic)

Duration of tour: 3 full days, 2 nights

Visiting: National Botanical Gardens (Santo Domingo) – Villa Barrancoli Birding Lodge (Rabo de Gato Nature Trail, Puerto Escondido) – Zapoten Cloudforest (Sierra de Bahoruco National Park) – Loma Charco Azul (La Placa, Sierra de Bahoruco National Park)

Itinerary: Day 1:Visit National Botanical Gardens in Santo Domingo, then travel to the town of Azua for lunch, then travel to Villa Barrancoli Birding Lodge and the nearby Rabo de Gato Trail for afternoon birding, then spend the night at the birding lodge. Day 2:Visit to Zapoten Cloudforest for early AM birding, then drive back down to Villa Barrancoli birding lodge for lunch, free time, then late afternoon and night birding near the lodge, then spend the night at the lodge. Day 3: Early AM birding at Loma Charco Azul nature trail, then lunch on the road heading back to Santo Domingo.

Package Includes: Fully bilingual, certified ecological and bird watching guides*, All meals (Dominican style food), Comfortable transportation, Comfortable lodging at rustic birding lodge, Snacks, Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Pricing: Pricing begins at USD $1,600 for a solo traveler, and USD$ 1,100 per person for 2 person groups. For larger group pricing, please contact us. The bigger the group, the more economical our per person rates.

*Our guides are fully trained as bird watching guides by The Nature Conservancy and the Hispaniola Ornithological Society, and in first aid response by the Red Cross

Transportation: Packages include comfortable, private transportation to and from Santo Domingo, but other arrangements can be made. Transportation to airports is available for a small additional  fee. See our vehicles

Reservations: Click here for instructions on how to book this tour.

Images from the destinations we will be visiting:

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