Our private 3 day tour packages from Santo Domingo are some of the most comprehensive ecotourism experiences in the Dominican Republic. The island’s one of a kind geographical, climatological, and biological diversity, combined with the pristine, untapped nature of its natural resources make this a growing,  but still mainly untapped, haven for ecotourism.

Each region of the country has it’s own unique climate, fauna,  flora, and geography, so our packages are organized by region:


Northern Coast Package“Tropical Paradise”

Central Mountains Package“The Caribbean Alps”

Southern Coast Package“Biodiversity showcased”

You may also choose to combine 2 or more of our packages, or let us customize your itinerary.

Hiking Expeditions (minimum 3 days)

 Pico Duarte MountainHike to the tallest peak in the Caribbean, just above 10,000 ft.

Reservations or more info: info@exploraecotour.com ;Offices 809-567-1852 ; Manny Jimenes 809-964-8383 ; Olyenka Sang 809-756-4643

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