These going green tips will reduce your impact on the environment!

At the Super Market Consider…

1. Finding reusable bags you will actually use
2. Establish a system for having the bags available when you need them, like putting them  at the front door after unpacking groceries for easy return to your car, bike rack, day bag, etc.
3. Use reusable bags for all of your errands, not just groceries. Keep one in your day bag for trips to the book store, post office, pharmacy
4. Good reusable bags make great gift toppers or wrapping paper: two gifts in one!
Reusable bags have become a hot topic in green living, thanks in part to progressive measures to curb the use of disposable bags. However, the concept of a reusable bag is not a new one. In fact, study, reusable bags to carry goods came way before the disposable paper or plastic culture we have established in the United States. Think of a cultural return to reusable bags (a way to reduce consumption of plastics, paper, chemicals, water, energy and limit carbon dioxide emissions) as a return to our consumer roots. Envision one drawer or basket holding all the bags you need to do your shopping. Picture never having to stuff one more plastic bag into the bag holder because you did not make it to the store to recycle them and the dog just is not going through them at the rate you bring them home. This is a doable change.

It is important to cut back on the amount of disposable bags we all use. Plastic bags come from petroleum and do not biodegrade. Paper bags largely come from trees and can be composted but often sit around in landfills too. Recycled content paper bags and biodegradable “plastic” bags are better options but still require energy, water and chemicals to be produced in addition to the fuel required to transport them to stores. Using a reusable bag for several yeas could help you avoid the consuming hundreds, if not thousands, of disposable bags.

Find a bag that makes you happy and try it out! The planet will thank you!


Slow Down to Go Further

Slow down to enjoy life more and feel less rushed. You’ll pollute less too.

Do less. This is both a happiness and productivity tip. Doing less will make you happier, because your life won’t be so hectic and filled with stress. You will have time for things that give you pleasure, for the loved ones in your life, for life itself.

It’s also a productivity tip: if you focus on the essential tasks, the big ones, the ones that will give you the most return for your time, and eliminate the rest, you will actually be more productive. You’ll get fewer tasks done, but you will be more effective.

Slow down. I feel that life is much more enjoyable if you slow down. By doing less, you can actually get more done, even if you work more slowly. And when you’re not working, you should definitely try switching to slow mode. Drive slower (it is so much more relaxing), walk slower, eat slower. Slow Down to go faster.

Practice patience. If you easily lose your temper, you can become more patient with these tips. Once you’ve developed this skill (and it’s a skill, like everything else, not an unchangeable inborn trait), your life will become much saner and you will be much happier.

Practice compassion. This may be the most important tip of all, in my opinion. If you were to choose any of these, I would choose this one. The first part of compassion is empathy — and this ability to understand how others feel can be developed through practice. This one thing can bring true happiness to your life, and the lives of those around you.

Find your passion. Another indispensable tip. This might be the second on my list of priorities. Find something you love to do, and your life will become immensely improved. You will love your work, the thing that you spend 40 hours (or more) a week doing. I know I love innkeeping and horsekeeping. You will become more productive, procrastinate less, and be less stressed.

By TDG Community

The Daily Green

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