Our Central Mountain 3 day tour from Santo Domingo takes us through the highest mountain range in the Dominican Republic and all the Caribbean, also known as the Caribbean Alps. This relaxing ecological retreat takes us through cloud forests, unique rock formations, many beautiful rivers and waterfalls, all of which combine to make the region the islands biggest source of fresh water, spawning countless numbers of rivers and creeks, which then run throughout the whole country.

Package: Explore the Caribbean Alps (Central Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic) *2 guest minimum

Duration of trip: 3 days, 2 nights or customize your itinerary

Visiting: Ebano Verde Cloudforest – Valle Nuevo National Park – Aguas Blancas Waterfall

Itinerary: Day 1: Visit to Aguas Blancas Waterfall, then travel to the town of Constanza- Day 2: Visit Valle Nuevo National Park, stay in Constanza for the night – Day 3: Light hike at Ebano Verde Cloudforest, then travel to Santo Domingo

Package Includes: Fully bilingual, certified ecological and cultural  guides*, All meals (Dominican style cuisine), Comfortable transportation*, Comfortable lodging at small hotels, Snacks, Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Pricing: Pricing begins at USD $670 per person for 2 person groups. The bigger the group, the more economical our per person prices. For larger group pricing, please contact us.*Kids age 10 and under travel free.

*Guides are fully trained in first aid response by the Red Cross

Transportation: Packages include transportation to and from Santo Domingo, but other arrangements can be made. Transportation to airports is available for a small  fee. See our vehicles

On this tour you will be visiting the following nature preserves:

Valle Nuevo National Park

Our adventure takes us to two of the island´s most precious protected areas: Ebano Verde Scientific Preserve and Valle Nuevo Nation Park. For this trip you will need to pack a jacket, since this is not your typical Caribbean adventure. The region´s history is legendary,  and is famous for the disappearance of early colonial explorers, buried treasure, and the occasional sighting of extraterrestrial anomalies. The area is also famous for the large amount of endemic plant and animal life found here, and for being home to one of the tallest waterfalls in all the Antilles,  “Salto de Aguas Blancas”.

Ebano Verde Cloudforest

The perfect retreat for experienced nature explorers, and the adventurous newbie, this unforgettable journey is a truly rich spiritual experience, in which one seems to almost become one with nature. The Dominican Republic is pure biological and environmental diversity, the Central Mountains provide a unique opportunity to experience it first hand.

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