“Conservation Through Appreciation”

Founded in 2008 by two devoted Dominican nature lovers, Manny Jimenes and Oly Sang, Explora Ecotour is one of the only authentic providers of true ecotourism in the Dominican Republic.  The DR is home to  some of the world´s most spectacular beaches, virgin tropical rain forests,  vast dry regions, cloud forests, and even pine forests found in the tallest mountain ranges in all the Caribbean, and is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world.

Our educational and sustainable nature tours feature most of the country´s national parks and scientific preserves, and are led by our experienced, passionate nature guides. Explora Ecotour constantly supports local efforts to improve local environmental awareness and protection, and has a long term commitment to working for the good of our parks and their surrounding rural communities.

In 2013 Explora Ecotour was named one of the 50 Greenest Companies in the Dominican Republic by Top Green Brands. In 2018 Explora Ecotour became a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner for the 7th consecutive year.

The Explora Team

  • Manny Jimenes

Manny Jimenes and Oly Sang: Dominican owners and founders of Explora Ecotour, both are lifelong nature lovers that one day decided to devote themselves to their true passion: sharing and protecting the environment. Having both grown up in different parts of the US, then having moving back to the Dominican Republic, they were blown away with the incredible bio diversity and natural beauty of the island and yet how few people actually knew about it beyond the traditional beach resorts.

Manny is a Nature Conservancy trained nature guide specializing in birding with over a decade of experience leading eco tours. Oly handles the administrative and logistical parts of the company, and is a talented amateur nature photographer. In 2012 they were married and in 2014 had a baby girl, Maia Sofia, whom they hope will follow in their footsteps someday.

Jorge Diaz: A knowledgeable young marine biologist and nature guide from Venezuela, Jorge has fallen in love with the ecology of the Dominican Republic and defends it as if it were his own. His enthusiasm and devotion to conservation are contagious to all that get to be out in nature with him.

*Our team is fully certified in first aid response by the Red Cross, and we are insured as required by the Dominican Ministry of Tourism.

Reservations or more info:

E-mail info@exploraecotour.com (This is the best way to reach us)

Offices +1-809-567-1852 ; Gustavo Mejia Ricart No.43  Suite 209, Naco, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (Open 9 AM – 5PM US EST,  Monday through Friday)

Our Spanish website: www.exploradominicana.com