Private Overnight Tour Packages

Our overnight tour packages of the Dominican Republic are one of the best ways to truly get to know the country’s one of a kind ecology, culture and history. Our multi-day tour options are offered from Santo Domingo and help you to get off the beaten path to explore a wide variety of ecosystems. Taking one of our overnight tours of the Dominican Republic, be it 1 or 2 nights, allows you to truly immerse yourself in our unique regional cultures, and contribute to some our most remote rural communities in an authentic, educational, fun, and sustainable manner.

2 Day Tours

Cayo Arena Island and Jima Waterfalls

Swim in a pristine waterfall and snorkel in one of our healthiest reefs

Bahia de Las Aguilas Beach and Bahoruco National Park

Explore the most ecologically diverse area in the entire Caribbean

Valle Nuevo National Park: The Alpine Tour

Vast and lush pine forests, and the highest valleys in the Caribbean

3 Day Tours

SamanĂ¡: The Tropical Paradise Tour

Enjoy the pristine beaches and lush forests of the Peninsula of  SamanĂ¡

The Caribbean Alps Tour

Explore the Central Mountain Range and it’s many rivers and majestic forests that surpass 10,000 feet

The Southwest: Our Biosphere Preserve Tour

Visit the 3 magical national parks that make up the country’s only U.N. Biosphere Preserve